SunContract EcoSystem explained
SunContract EcoSystem

The Perfect Harmony: How NFTs Seamlessly Integrate into SunContract’s EcoSystem



At SunContract, we believe that the world is at a turning point. We are leading the way in revolutionizing the renewable energy market through our expertise in renewables and blockchain technology. Our innovative solutions have allowed us to create a unique, transparent, and forward-thinking EcoSystem that supports economic, social, and environmental sustainability.

Our latest innovation, NFTs and the NFT Marketplace, fit perfectly into the SunContract EcoSystem and become its fourth pillar. Let’s delve deeper into how NFTs enhance our range of products and services, and the four pillars comprising the SunContract EcoSystem.

Our Four Pillars represent our full turnkey solution, with:

  1. Our Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading Platform on the Blockchain
  2. Our SNC Utility Coin
  3. Our World-Class Renewable Energy Installations
  4. Our NFT’s on 2112 of our existing solar panels, producing yield through the profits of energy trading transactions

1. P2P Energy Trading: Revolutionizing Renewable Energy

SunContract’s first pillar is our peer-to-peer energy trading platform, a groundbreaking solution that empowers both producers and consumers of energy for individuals and businesses. By eliminating intermediaries, we reduce energy costs while creating a direct, transparent, and safe connection between producers and consumers of energy.

And this approach is not just theoretical — our platform has been successfully operating in Slovenia for over five years, serving more than 11,000 active users and supporting 20 self-sufficient communities.

NFTs represent an innovative way of enhancing the P2P energy trading platform. By tokenizing existing physical solar panels as NFTs, individual and digital ownership of these real-world assets is facilitated. Each NFT represents an already existing and real-world solar panel. Its owner receives revenue from the electricity generated by it and traded on the platform.

This makes the energy trading process more accessible and inclusive, allowing anyone in the world to engage in the renewable energy market. This concept directly increases the amount of renewable energy traded on the SunContract platform and could potentially lead to greater market efficiency and energy democratization worldwide.

2. SNC Tokens: The Fuel of Our EcoSystem

The second pillar, SunContract Utility Tokens (SNCs), is the driving force behind our P2P energy trading and also offers the possibility to transact in euros. SNC utility tokens enable seamless transactions on our platform, serving as a universal currency for energy trading. By using SNCs, our users can directly manage their energy expenses or revenues, making our platform more accessible and easy to use.

Although the SNC token is primarily used as a means of buying, selling, and trading energy on the platform, it can also be used as an investment instrument. By investing in SNCs, you can benefit from the growth of our platform and the increasing demand for renewable energy.

NFTs also integrate seamlessly with SNC tokens and vice versa. When an individual purchases an NFT representing a solar panel, the revenue generated by that panel is paid out in SNC tokens. This increases the usage and circulation of SNC tokens, reinforcing their utility within the SunContract EcoSystem.

Additionally, by offering the option to purchase NFTs using both regular (FIAT) money and cryptocurrency (SNC), it brings more liquidity and versatility to the EcoSystem and enhances the overall trading experience.

3. Installations: World-Class Renewable Energy Products and Services

Our third pillar encompasses our top-notch renewable energy products and services. In close collaboration with our partner company SONCE Energija, we offer world-class installations of solar panels for self-sufficiency in households, businesses, and even whole communities, contributing to a more sustainable future. From planning to implementation, our team and trusted partners ensure that each installation meets our highest standards of quality, efficiency, and product maintenance.

The NFT initiative complements the installations pillar by tokenizing existing solar panels. When an NFT representing a solar panel is purchased, SunContract takes care of the maintenance, insurance, and any necessary repairs for the solar panels. This provides a full turnkey solution, ensuring that the physical solar panels are always functioning at their optimum.

This approach also promotes the adoption of renewable energy products and services by offering a unique, tangible benefit to owning an NFT — regular revenue from a real-world, functional solar panel.

4. NFT Marketplace: The Future of Energy Marketplace

Finally, our fourth pillar, the NFT Marketplace, brings digital innovation to the energy sector. In 2023, we are introducing a groundbreaking concept — tokenizing solar power plants with Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

This approach allows individuals and businesses to own a real-world solar panel, even without their own roof. By doing so, they can contribute to SunContract’s Renewable Energy Revolution while earning revenue on a daily basis. With 2,112 unique NFTs, each representing a tangible and already built solar panel, we offer an innovative opportunity that democratizes the renewable energy market.

NFT owners receive daily net revenue in SNC tokens or FIAT currency, calculated based on the energy produced and the prevailing electricity price. Operational fees cover insurance, maintenance, land rent, and other services, ensuring the best performance without hidden costs.

Join SunContract’s Renewable Energy Revolution by being part of our Global Energy Marketplace

SunContract’s EcoSystem perfectly blends technology and renewable energy with its four pillars. Our mission is to create a democratized Global Energy Marketplace (GEM), empowering individuals and businesses worldwide to contribute to a greener future.

With an ever-growing demand for renewable energy and the need for forward-thinking solutions, we continue to innovate, expand, and develop SunContract EcoSystem. By acquiring an NFT, you become a vital part of it, owning a digital representation of a real-world solar panel that generates daily revenue.

With SunContract, you not only contribute to a more sustainable world but also gain from the growing demand for renewable energy. Join us on this journey towards a cleaner, more sustainable future. Explore our upcoming NFT Marketplace and be part of SunContract’s Renewable Energy Revolution.

Register on the SunContract platform today, and in case of any queries, feel free to get in touch with us on Telegram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, or Reddit.




SunContract is a pioneering energy-trading platform that directly connects energy producers and consumers into an energy marketplace based on smart contracts.