Increase of platform traffic, self-sufficient users, 100 % increase in turnover

  • Increase of platform traffic and self-sufficient users by 100 %
  • More than doubled energy producer contracts signed for 2022
  • Platform upgrade for self-sufficient villages and city centers
  • Team increases by 30 %
  • New Energy Marketplace — Dynamic prices

The surge in platform users

Let’s have a look at some numbers.

Increase of self-sufficient communities

Exceptional figures with our partner company SONCE energija are also recorded in the area of the construction of solar power plants. In this part, we have also exceeded the plan by 100 % by realizing thousands of solar power plants, some self-sufficient villages and one city center.

Platform upgrade

In August 2021 the SONCE energija presented the first 100 % energy self-sufficient village Zavrate. This was the first step towards self-sufficient and climate-neutral communities in Slovenia. Furthermore, we launched the first self-sufficient city center in Radeče.

Team increases

Such exponential growth could not have been achieved without an increase in the number of professional staff.


SunContract participates in various projects.

New Business Partner

This year we have entered into cooperation with a new business partner Enercast, headquartered in Kassel, Germany. It is a leading technology provider for applied artificial intelligence. Its self-learning software-as-a-service products deliver SunContract accurate power forecasts for solar plants, thus enabling the integration of renewable energy into power grids and energy markets. Based on its platform for the industrial application of artificial intelligence, Enercast meshes internal and external data, identifies value-driving patterns and consolidates them into meaningful forecasts.

SunContrat at EXPO 2020 in Dubai

Expo2020 Dubai was an excellent opportunity for SunContract. We’ve had a really great time presenting our energy platform.

Dynamic in the new year

Due to the exceptional growth and unpredictable movement of electricity prices on the market and the possibilities offered by the new Electricity Supply Act, SONCE energija as the first provider in Slovenia, offered packages of purchase and sale of electricity under a dynamic pricing system on SunContract marketplace.



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SunContract is a pioneering energy-trading platform that directly connects energy producers and consumers into an energy marketplace based on smart contracts.