Increase of platform traffic, self-sufficient users, 100 % increase in turnover

6 min readDec 23, 2021

2021 Updates and Recap

Dear SunLovers,

Even though we are still facing long-lasting pandemic, in second half of this year in Europe we also faced a sharp rise in energy prices. The increase in prices, especially natural gas and electricity, represents a heavy burden for consumers. The only long-term solution that protects households, companies and other consumers from immense price fluctuation is investment in energy self-sufficiency.

Despite pandemic and price developments SunContract concludes an exceptionally successful year.

We gladly share with you some important and gratifying information regarding:

  • Increase of platform traffic and self-sufficient users by 100 %
  • More than doubled energy producer contracts signed for 2022
  • Platform upgrade for self-sufficient villages and city centers
  • Team increases by 30 %
  • New Energy Marketplace — Dynamic prices

The surge in platform users

Let’s have a look at some numbers.

In 2021 SunContract recorded a 100 % increase in turnover in our energy marketplace.

The number of electricity consumers is two and a half times bigger than a year before.

We record a 100 % more self-sufficient users than in previous year.

Solar power plants included in our platform have also made excellent results in area of surpluses. At the end of 2021 we record approximately 1.700 MWh of surpluses. That means almost two and a half times more than a year before.

This year the contractors in our balance group produced 120 % more GWh of electricity than the year before.

There were also five times more transactions on our platform this year than a year before.

Increase of self-sufficient communities

Exceptional figures with our partner company SONCE energija are also recorded in the area of the construction of solar power plants. In this part, we have also exceeded the plan by 100 % by realizing thousands of solar power plants, some self-sufficient villages and one city center.

SunContract has bold plans with its partner SONCE energija for next year, too. A 100 % increase in realization of individual self-sufficient power plants and an extreme increase in number of self-sufficient villages and cities is expected. We’re planning up to 100 such communities.

Platform upgrade

In August 2021 the SONCE energija presented the first 100 % energy self-sufficient village Zavrate. This was the first step towards self-sufficient and climate-neutral communities in Slovenia. Furthermore, we launched the first self-sufficient city center in Radeče.

Both, the village Zavrate and city center in Radeče, are supported by the SunContract Energy Marketplace. This is in accordance with the new Slovenian Act on the promotion of the use of renewable energy sources. Zavrate village and Radeče city center are groundbreaking for the photovoltaic market in Slovenia. Those were the first two steps towards self-sufficient and climate-neutral communities in Slovenia.

Our partner SONCE energija has already signed 50 contracts for self-sufficient communities, which will be set up next year. Our common goal is to cover all roofs in villages and cities with solar power plants to ensure their self-sufficiency. The SONCE Group over the next 10 years intends to invest 1.6 billion EUR in self-sufficient communities together with its consumers, partners and SunContract community. This will meet the energy needs for about 160.000 households.

Team increases

Such exponential growth could not have been achieved without an increase in the number of professional staff.

We recruited 30 % new employees. In 2022 is also planned to increase our team by up to 50 %.


SunContract participates in various projects.

Project BETAi (Blockchain Energy Trading with Artificial Intelligence) connects high-technological and socially advanced enterprises to a consortium for the joint development of direct automatic electricity trading under the P2P system, enabled by blockchain technology. The main goal of this project is improving energy self-sufficiency, increasing the use of renewable energy sources, automated management of the energy system, lowering management costs, lowering electricity prices for end customers, decentralization of the system, sustainability and local self-sufficiency. The project’s estimated value is 2,1 million Euro.

Project BRIGHT is funded through H2020 Project. Estimated value is around 2 million Euro. Most of these funds have been realized in 2021.

SunContract is also participating on an international I-ENERGY Project as pilot partner. The value of the project is around 5,5 million Euro. We’ve received 70 % of our part in 2021.

New Business Partner

This year we have entered into cooperation with a new business partner Enercast, headquartered in Kassel, Germany. It is a leading technology provider for applied artificial intelligence. Its self-learning software-as-a-service products deliver SunContract accurate power forecasts for solar plants, thus enabling the integration of renewable energy into power grids and energy markets. Based on its platform for the industrial application of artificial intelligence, Enercast meshes internal and external data, identifies value-driving patterns and consolidates them into meaningful forecasts.

SunContrat at EXPO 2020 in Dubai

Expo2020 Dubai was an excellent opportunity for SunContract. We’ve had a really great time presenting our energy platform.

Gregor Novak, CEO of SunContract, presented our future-oriented unique global energy marketplace with its advantages and investment opportunities at Slovenia Business Forum on December 13th and our bold plans for EXPO Blockchain & AI Conference at Slovenian Pavilion on December 14th.

He’s also announced the tokenization of renewable energy by issuing NFT.

Dynamic in the new year

Due to the exceptional growth and unpredictable movement of electricity prices on the market and the possibilities offered by the new Electricity Supply Act, SONCE energija as the first provider in Slovenia, offered packages of purchase and sale of electricity under a dynamic pricing system on SunContract marketplace.

“This system is fairer to customers because it follows the current price trend on the wholesale energy exchange. Our customers who have already opted for such a package are extremely flexible, as they gain benefits, almost as if they were themselves participants in the electricity exchange and in the balancing market at the same time,” explained Gregor Novak and added, that in January 2022 they are also setting up a new market place for participants with dynamic packages, which, in addition to the above advantages, will also be able to conclude mutual P2P and individual arrangements for the price of electricity.

We also have some other daring plans. We will develop new artificial intelligence-based services, a P2P retail-level cross-border energy trading marketplace infrastructure for energy trading, we are going to expand market share and roll out new, global crypto energy services.

Thank you for being with us, trusting us, and for believing in SunContract’s story in changing the energy world for the better. Have a Merry Christmas and may all your wishes come true in 2022!

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