AMA: new services and changes in the energy market

SNC and new services

SNC token was taken off some exchanges and there is only one good exchange left, do you plan to list on at least one or two more exchanges? Otherwise, it can disappear from the radar of the crypto world.


Why does the platform not allow MT/VT contract approval if one part of a price is higher than a customer contract price event if “ET calculated price” is lower? For instance, the contract price is 0.10/0.15. A marketplace price is 0.05/0.16. This contract cannot be confirmed without an annex. What is the logic behind this?


Good to see a rise in Team members. Which fields they are covering? How many people came this year and how many new is coming?

The current situation in the energy market

From what I know the electricity in Slovenia is still cheaper to buy from big energy companies or am I wrong? If I’m correct, what is the incentive for consumers to buy electricity from SunContract?

EU and green energy

European Union is investing billions in renewable energy, do you feel any effects of this process on your business?


When some article appears in Slovenian media it is not translated, or the main points are provided in Telegram. At least some people are more interested in business progress than a general advertisement of green energy on Telegram. Why such a policy?

Future cookies

Can you reveal to us some future cookies for the project?



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SunContract is a pioneering energy-trading platform that directly connects energy producers and consumers into an energy marketplace based on smart contracts.